The Fearless Challenge


Welcome to The Fearless Challenge!
Are you ready to channel your inner champion, face your fears, and raise some money for a great cause? Now is your time!

The Fearless Challenge is a campaign in which you will tackle your fears by doing something that makes you feel brave. Maybe it's facing your fear of heights, singing in front of a crowd, skydiving, or something as simple as posting an unedited selfie. Whatever that one thing is, now is your chance! In the Fearless Challenge, you'll own your fear, set a fundraising goal, and when you’ve reached that goal, conquer that fear!

To get started:
  1. Head to and create a fundraising page!
  2. Take to social media and tell your friends that you're planning to face your fear and need their support. Don’t forget to use #FundMyFearless.
  3. Ask people to donate to NEDA - when you hit your goal, you'll conquer your fear and share your experiences on social media.
  4. Challenge a friend to do the same.
  5. Have fun, and know that you are a warrior!
For fundraising tips and tricks, check out our Fundraising Toolkit.

By raising funds to support those affected by eating disorders and building a culture of courage, we'll be sending the message that recovery is real and anything is possible in the New Year!

For any questions regarding the campaign, fundraising, or general questions, please contact Connor Lillis at
The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is the leading non-profit organization supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders. Thirty million people will struggle with these life-threatening mental illnesses at some point in their lifetime. Eating disorders and the stigma surrounding them can be extremely isolating, and those struggling often do so in secrecy. NEDA shines a light on the issue of eating disorders by raising awareness, conducting an early intervention program, and offering support through its many initiatives. The money raised via this campaign will go to support NEDA’s many programs.